Shatin Associates was founded in 2007 by its principal, Dr. Deborah Shatin, as a culmination of more than 25 years of experience in strategic health research. The firm specializes in:
  • Clinical trials and FDA therapy studies
  • Post market surveillance of devices, drugs, and biologics
  • Interpreting data and presenting and publishing study results
  • Grant writing and contract negotiation
  • Outcomes and health services research studies
  • Managing research teams, departments, contracts, and budgets.
Our clients range from start-up firms to Fortune 100 companies across the device, pharmaceutical, and provider spectra.

Our expertise enables you to anticipate issues vital to successfully developing and maintaining your product on the market. We manage every engagement to meet each client's scientific, market, budget, and schedule objectives. As important, we focus on contributing to your success by developing clinical trials that take into account reimbursement and subsequent post market safety surveillance concerns.  Dr. Shatin has successfully worked with diverse health care organizations, including federal agencies and funders (FDA, AHRQ, CDC, CMS), corporations (Medtronic, Inc., Center for Health Care Policy and Evaluation/UnitedHealth Group), health care provider organizations (IPA and staff models), physician specialties (cardiovascular, neurosurgeons, orthopedic, vascular surgeons), and academic health settings
throughout the US. In addition to her research in both medical device and pharmaceutical therapies and in the commercial payer market, she has served as an Industry Representative tMedical Alley Associationo an FDA CDRH review panel, the CMS Medicare Coverage Advisory Committee (now MEDCAC), and a consultant to the FDA Drug Safety and Risk Management Committee.

Shatin Associates is headquartered in the Forest Hills, New York area.

To contact Shatin Associates, please click here.

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